LMS on Tour: AGM ECMC Paris 2018

At Zurich Pride in June 2018, the Swiss Fetish Communities were honoured by the visit of Daniel Dumont, secretary of the ECMC (European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs). Daniel got a picture of the current activities and the fresh impulses that are giving the communities a new drive. In the aftermath of the Pride, the ECMC invited us to attend their AGM (Annual General Meeting) as observers and to introduce the Leathermen of Switzerland to the member clubs of the ECMC.

We were glad to accept this invitation! Last weekend (Oct. 12th to 14th), the board travelled to Paris and introduced the club’s short history to the delegates of the member clubs: Our ideas and concepts, goals as well as the event calendar 2018. The participants followed with great interest and benevolence. They were pleased to see a young team carrying on the ideas and values of the Leather community – in a modern approach and though in awareness of its heritage. The club’s achievements within only a few months were honoured as a great success. After a very positive feedback to the presentation, lively discussions about the goals and the future development of the club continued until the following night when we had to say goodbye.

As part of our forthcoming application as a member of the ECMC, we were offered to nominate a member of the jury electing the Mr. Leather Europe 2019 – a title awarded annually by the ECMC. As Mr. Leather Switzerland 2017, Reto was invited as a contestant and finally become 1st runner-up (2nd place).

The meeting and the social programme of the whole weekend were organized by the club ASMF (Association des Sports Motocyclistes de France).

We are looking forward to the ongoing cooperation with the ECMC and its clubs. Will you join us for the next AGM in Rome in October 2019?

We are pleased to share more details and insights at the next Regulars’ Tables. Looking forward to seeing you!