LMS Fetish Social Zurich (2023-11)

Zurich: Daniel H. Müllerstrasse 51, Zurich, Switzerland

Join the Leathermen of Switzerland for a cosy social. All fetishes welcome.

XPERIENCE 2024: Good night drinks

Bern: Comeback Bar Rathausgasse 42, Bern, Switzerland

The first day of the XPERIENCE Swiss Fetish Weekend 2024 ends where it's started. Enjoy a wonderful evening together with the candidates of the M(r|x|s) Fetish Switzerland 2024 election. Mingle with them and get to know everyone better over a drink together. There is certainly a lot that you are eager to know....

XPERIENCE 2024: Fetish Feast

Bern: Restaurant Anker Kornhausplatz 16, Bern, Switzerland

Fuel up your batteries together with Mr, Mx, or Ms Fetish Switzerland 2024 at a hearty dinner.

TOLERDANCE ELEKTRO – Queer Party (2024-02)

Bern: Tolerdance at ISC Neubrückstrasse 10, Bern, Switzerland

Celebrate and dance with Mr, Mx, or Ms Fetish Switzerland 2024 at energizing beats or mingle with the crowd at the bar.